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In our orthodontic practice, we use In-Ovation”R”, a top-rated self-ligation bracket. Comparing to traditional orthodontic braces, self-ligation brackets provide much less friction and move the teeth faster, allowing  less discomfort, fewer office visits and shorter treatment time.

We also incorporate high-end archwires and long-lasting elastic modules with In-Ovation”R” to maximize the treatment efficiency and patient comfort.

There are two types of self-ligation brackets: metal and clear (for aesthetic purposes).

Dr.Huang lectures globally on self-ligation brackets. He believes self-ligation brackets are definitely the future of orthodontic braces because treatment efficiency and patient comfort are markedly optimized.

With the In-Ovation”R” bracketsteeth are free to move more quickly,easily and comfortably as shown below. 

MVC-012S            yj2

With traditional braces, elastics and ties are used to put pressure and friction on teeth which slow treatment and cause discomfort as shown below.

MVC-013S            ny

A patient with In-Ovation”R” self-ligation brackets for 14 months treatment time is shown below

1007Left Occlusion-Initial    2007Left Occlusion-Progress    4007Left Occlusion-Post Treatment